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Fashion Faux Pas #2 - Big, bad hair

Second in the series of unusual and often unfortunate fashion trends, today's blog looks at the fashion of (really) big hair styles.

Fashion Faux-Pas N° 1 - The Chopine

Today we begin a weekly series: Fashion Faux-Pas, presenting the frivolous, ridiculous, extreme & sometimes tragic fashion follies of the past when women had no choice but to follow the fashion of the day.  We look forward to your comments. 

Aujourd'hui, nous commençons une série hebdomadaire, Fashion Faux-Pas, présentant les tendances frivoles, ridicules, extrêmes et parfois tragiques de la mode du passé où les femmes n'avaient d'autre choix que de suivre les tendances du moment. Nous attendons vos commentaires avec...

The 10 Commandments of Style - Rule #1: Accept yourself // Acceptation de soi

The 10 Commandments of Style begins this week with rule #1 and a question:

Available in English and French, we would love to hear your comments.

Introducing The Fashionabler

Clothing is a necessity, fashion can be a frivolity, while style is a non-verbal way of communicating.  That means your choice of clothing is going to “say” something about you; hopefully it is the message you want to get across!