Introducing The Fashionabler

Hello. I’d like to welcome you to’s very first blog. Its purpose is to start a conversation about the way clothes, fashion and style impact our lives -- whether we like it or not. Those three words are often thought of interchangeably, yet they are not the same. Clothing is a necessity, fashion can be a frivolity, while style is a non-verbal way of communicating.  That means your choice of clothing is going to “say” something about you; hopefully it is the message you want to get across! 

This blog is dedicated to the woman who is sending the wrong message.   It’s time to reveal your style and live up to your potential.  It will give you confidence and help you grow personally and professionally. 

As women, we are gifted with both the strength and the tenderness needed to take care of a household, a partner, children and a career at the same time.  Still many talented, smart, attractive, and successful women are not giving themselves and in particular, their bodies, the love they deserve. Shopping for clothing is a cruel reminder that they don’t fit in.  It’s important to realize we aren’t the problem, it’s the fashion industry that has it all wrong!  Thankfully, today’s marketplace is diversified enough so that everyone can find clothing that will both fit and flatter their figure -- as long as they know what they should be looking for.  

I started this blog and my online boutique after years of working in the fashion industry. As a young woman, I had body issues.  As a child, I was always the tallest (and youngest) in my class, taller than all the other girls and boys.  I finished growing when I was 14 and 1m75 (5ft9in).  I was wearing my present shoe size, size 9, (French size 41) when I was 12.  Needless to say, I felt every inch the awkward, ugly duckling.   It took me a long time to get comfortable in my body.  When I was 17, I took 6 months off from college and worked in a model agency as a booker.  Seeing all those incredibly slim young women who were as tall as me but much slimmer induced me to lose weight.  I didn’t realize that they were so thin because first, they had a much more narrow build and second, a lot of them were starving themselves.  I was slim myself but I wanted to resemble the glamorous models that surrounded me. I soon stopped eating and the weight came off very quickly.  That was a scary time that could have turned into something tragic if I hadn’t gone back to college.  Unfortunately, I carried my unsatisfied self-image with me for years to come. 

I have been living in France for over 30 years and while I wear a US size 10 or 12, I am borderline “plus-size” in France.  The average French woman is also shorter than the average American so in a way I am even taller here than I was in the States!  With the creation of, I have finally found the solution to my wardrobe problems, and can dress with clothes and accessories that are elegant, sophisticated, and reveal more of my personality than my skin. And they fit!  ission is to allow all women to do the same.

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Coming soon: the 10 commandments of style (and how they make fashion work for you)