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Fashion Faux Pas #2 - Big, bad hair

Fashion Faux Pas #2 – Big, bad hair



Elaborate wigs, mile-high coiffures and highly decorated curls were a must for noble women during the 18th century, especially in France.  Bigger was better when it came to hairstyles and wire cage frames or horsehair pads helped to achieve spectacular height and volume. Some immensely tall coiffures took hours to create and were heavily starched and powdered to keep them in place.

The ultimate hair creations: mini gardens, maritime scenes with model ships, mini-bird cages with real birds!

However because of poor hygiene standards, weeks could go by before a coiffure was replaced. Eventually, the mixture of horsehair and heavy powder created the perfect nest for vermin.

Flash forward to the late 1950s, early 1960s and we can see that big hair was definitely in trend with young, stylish women. The big hairdo on the left (below) was extremely popular and probably inspired Amy Winehouse’s look. Do you recognize the woman wearing it? (Hint: she is the widow of a rock and roll icon).