About us

Making fashion work for you makes fashion work for you.  We are an online clothing boutique for women looking for an alternative to the dictates of the fashion media. Are you seeking style, comfort and the confidence of knowing that your clothing will be showing more about your personality than your skin? Welcome!

Dress for success!

What you wear is one of the most immediate and effective ways of communicating your true colors. No matter how intelligent, talented, attractive and professional you are, poor fashion choices will work against you. We want our clients to be creative and to feel empowered by their style choices. 

Selecting clothing that complements your figure and your style will have a terrific impact on all aspects of your life, giving you the best fashion accessory: an extra dose of confidence. Here at, selecting from our elegant, easy-to-wear clothing and accessory collections for work or weekend enables you to make the best choices imaginable.

Style vs. fashion

I’m a tall woman who has been working in the fashion business for decades. It’s always challenging to find clothing that enable me to show that I am fashion savvy and self-aware. I’ve learned how to use fashion and not let it use me, to avoid trends that don’t suit my personality or my body, and to develop a personal style that includes a degree of modesty.


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